Økland Jorunn – Honoris Causa

ImageCurrent posts: Professor of gender studies in the humanities, University
of Oslo;

Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield (http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/bibs).

Chair of the Board of KILDEN Information Centre for Gender Research in Norway (http://kilden.forskningsradet.no)

Academic Exams, all at the University of Oslo: Doctor theologiae (2001); Candidata theologiae (1991); Intermediary level ancient Greek (1990); Introductory level phonetics and linguistics, Latin, Greek and Hebrew (1985-9);
Examen Philosophicum (1984).

Author of Women in their Place: Paul and the Corinthian Discourse of Gender and Sanctuary Space (JSNTSup; London: Continuum/T&T Clark); “Nature, Revelation and Gender Hierarchy in Paul and his Early Modern Interpreters,” in Børresen/Cabibbo´s book (Herder
2006);“Donne interpreti della Bibbia nella tradizione protestante” in A. Valerio’s book (Dehoniane 2006).

Professional: Qualified University Teacher at Universities in the UK (‘FHEA’).

Exam in Practical Theology (i.e. qualified for ministry in Church of Norway, 1992).

Co-editor of La Bibbia e le Donne/The Bible and Women (with Adriana Valerio, Irmtraud Fischer and Mercedes Navarro).

Member of editorial board of Journal for the Study of the New Testament.

Steering Committee Member of Archaeology of Religion in the Roman World Group and the Gender, Sexuality, and the Body Section, under the Society of Biblical Literature.