Religion and Gender: Identity, Conflict, and Power

Religion & Gender: Identity, Conflict & Power

The Centre for Conflict Studies announces its first conference on:

Religion and Gender: Identity, Conflict, and Power

November 8-10, 2012
Monterey, California, USA

The conference will highlight the complex relationships between religion and gender in a global context. It seeks to explore conflicts that arise at the nexus of gender and religion while simultaneously promoting spaces for empowerment that arise in these interactions. This conference will examine the assertion that religious identity in a particular historical context shapes gender identity and, at the same time, presents ideas for how gender identity can re-shape religious identity. The conference will furthermore emphasize the impact human agency has on the construction of identities and the resulting opportunity it provides for challenging power structures within religion and religious institutions. Building capacities for human beings to act freely, morally, and justly is the first step in positively transforming relationships among those divided by identity conflicts.

Conference Chair: Dr. Pushpa Iyer

Please note that at this time no travel grants are available. Should they be available in the future, we will inform all participants.



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